COURSE: Mockup Mania by Paige Lyon

COURSE: Mockup Mania

Your step-by-step guide to creating realistic, start object mockups!
This course will teach you everything you need to know to create beautiful realistic mockups.  Check out the all that is covered below.

What's included?

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Mockup Basics
Setting Up the Photoshop Workspace
4 mins
Tools of the Trade
10 mins
Layers, Masks, and Blend Modes
7 mins
Blend Mode Cheat Sheet
54.3 KB
Clipping Masks
2 mins
Simple Mockups
Simple Business Card Mockup
4 mins
Flat Print Mockup
12 mins
Reusable Mockups with Smart Objects
What is a Smart Object
9 mins
Business Card Mockup with Smart Object
7 mins
Smart Object Mug Mockup
17 mins
Advanced Mockups Using Displacement Maps
What is a Displacement Map
3 mins
Baby Bodysuit Mockup
8 mins
Burlap Bag Mockup
16 mins
Wooden Sign Mockup
15 mins
Bonus Lessons
Embroidery Mockup
12 mins
330 Bytes
7.51 MB
Glass Etching Mockup
4 mins
748 Bytes
3.41 KB
141 MB

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