FREE: Creating a Mug Mockup in Photoshop by Paige Lyon

FREE: Creating a Mug Mockup in Photoshop

Mockups can be a great time and money saving tool for small online shops.  Using mockups allows your to post multiple listings for your products without sacrificing materials.  This can be especially helpful if your shop is new, or you are unsure if a new product idea will sell.  However, it is crucial that your mockups appear believable and as to the end product as possible.  While buying mockups or finding free mockups online is an option, this leave you in the position of having the exact same mockups as your competition.  Creating your own mockups ensure that you stay original and true to your branding.

In this free tutorial I take you through the basics of creating a realistic mockup in Photoshop including:

  • How to make a simple mockup
  • Warping your design around your object
  • Blending your design into the scene

For more advance training on creating mockups of virtually any product, checkout our full course, Mockup Mania

What's included?

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Before You Begin
Adding Your Design to the Mug
Adding Finishing Touches
Trailer for Mockup Mania Course

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