2020 Design Vault

The 2020 Design Vault gives you access to every design file published in 2020.  

140 Design Files and Counting!

The 2020 Design Vault gives you access to every premium design file published in 2020.  New design files are added weekly and will be available instantly in the included Dropbox link.  The vault includes SVG Cut Files, Clipart, Seamless Patterns, Bundles and more.  Here is a list of all of the files that are currently included as of July 9, 2020. If you have any questions about the files included before purchase please drop us a message. (Updated July 9, 2020)

See What's Included

Dropbox Link
Design Vault Link.pdf
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Be Still .jpg
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Be Strong & Courageous.jpg
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Abstract Rose Gold Seamless Patterns.png
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Chicks Dig Me.jpg
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Cat Life Bundle.png
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Counting Sheep.png
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Deck the Halls.jpg
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Craft Your Own Magic.png
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Hello Winter.jpg
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Happy Easter.jpg
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Holiday Cheer.jpg
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Hoppy Easter.jpg
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Little Lamb.jpg
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Little Rainbows.jpg
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Land of the Free.png
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Mask Maker Bundle - 40 Designs.jpg
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Merry and Bright.jpg
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Peace on Earth.jpg
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Rise Up and Pray.jpg
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Silent Night.jpg
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Stay Cozy.jpg
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Quincy Adams Font.png
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Under the Mistletoe.jpg
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This Mama Runs On Coffee.png
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Tis the Season to Sparkle.jpg
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Watercolor Donuts.jpg
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Watercolor Lemons.jpg
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Watercolor Rainbows.jpg
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Watercolor Fireworks.jpg
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Watercolor Sunflowers.jpg
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Watercolor Watermelon.jpg
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We Wish You.jpg
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IMG_1242 copy.jpg
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